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Dezembro 2010


Dianna e o tumblr

Sexta-feira, 24.12.10

Part one of the Agron ‘American race’ Christmas vacation, as we have jokingly titled it, was NYC. My brother had never been, and on top of two of his best friends now living there, we had plenty to see. The Strand book store, walking through the parks, Soho, Prince street, random art galleries, MoMA, Cafe Gitane. Of course, he has much more to explore on later trips, but I felt like he got a good taste of the city. Oh, AND we had breakfast with Anthony Hopkins! How could I forget? :) Well, he was at the table next to us our second morning at the hotel restaurant. Does that count at all? Not really, but my mom couldn’t speak she was in so much shock, and my brother thought it was very cool.  During our two days in NYC, we even managed to go squeeze in a show, those crazy blue men, which I had never seen, and was wildly taken aback. Fantastic. Rather hard to explain, but the best I can do is liken it to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Much like those monkeys discovering the obelisk, the Blue Man Group are like three aliens discovering ‘the obelisk’ over and over again. And they picked me to go on stage because I couldn’t stop laughing and turning red when they got near me while looking for an audience member. Yes, I am an actor, but I assure you, it was not nearly the same. Red faced, snorting and convulsing with laughter, I made it through. But oh, how I was embarrassed.  New York lasted for two full days, and now we are in Europe, cozy in a chalet, resting, skiing, resting, eating, resting, skiing. It is truly a winter wonderland, and has been snowing all day. I am trying to better myself at skiing, it has been about ten years since my Lake Tahoe days, and am taking baby steps. Yesterday, my first day back, I mistakenly went up a black diamond course, not really paying attention while one of my loved ones bid me to follow. The experience was much like the one I had with my dad the first time I learned to ski. Although unlike my first time, and I say this with a smile, my dad left me! Think he thought it was the best way to learn saying, “just follow me!”. And he was off. This time, I was not left behind, even when I fell over and over again.  Throughout my whole black diamond experience, I thought I might not make it back. Thin paths, steep as hell, and people whizzing by me. I do have some amazing pictures from the top of the mountain where the lift lets off, because I thought, “well…..this may be it, better take a picture as my last words, so to speak”. Morbid, I know, and I am only half serious, but I really did hope some snow mobile might come by and save me. I fell about ten times, but of course, wouldn’t be writing this right now had I not survived. AND, afterwards, I found out I had taken the wrong boots, and was especially lucky I didn’t hurt myself. They were a men’s 12, and I am clearly nowhere near that size. Then of course, I blamed the amount of spills I suffered to having the wrong shoes. Never the less, the chalet was so much cozier last night thanks to my eventual triumph over that mountain. Did I chance that same run again today? Hell no. But I have pictures to prove that I mastered it once!  I hope that everyone has conquered or nearly conquered their holiday travel if doing so, and found loved ones in any form to spend some time with over the holidays. I am blown away that we are already saying goodbye to 2010. I am also very surprised that I am fairly near to the place I spent Christmas last year. And this time with my family! My life tends to be so day to day, that I never know where I may end up. Blessed to again be in such a happy place, and seen such fortune with health, love and happiness this year. My grandfather used to say, “You can’t buy your health or your happiness, and without the two, you have very little.” Happy holidays. To your health, happiness, love and laughter.  X Di


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